dc 1968 project


2018 marks the 50th anniversary of 1968--a landmark year in DC and globally.  I will be commemorating 1968 with a digital project that highlights significant events, people and ideas that occurred on every single day of that momentous year.

I need your help!

Remember the 365 days of black history calendars?  I want to do the same thing but on the web and solely about 1968.  I want to fill every day of the 2018 calendar with content that happened in 1968.

For 31 March, I will include a photograph of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking at the National Cathedral.

For 20 June, I will include the opening of Drum & Spear bookstore at 2701 14th Street, NW.

What do you remember about 1968?  Do you have photographs, fliers, posters, programs, menus, matchbooks, bus transfers, report cards and more? If so, I'd love for you to share your memories and keepsakes with me and the world.

You can email me at dc1968project@gmail.com.

I also want your suggestions for the project logo. I plan to use the DC flag.  I'm seeking ideas for icons to replace the stars. Perhaps a book to represent Drum & Spear. Perhaps a poem to represent the vibrant literary scene here.  What are your ideas?

You can email me at dc1968project@gmail.com.